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Anubias Minima Variegated

Anubias Minima Variegated

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    1 rhizome of Anubias minima variegated
  • A new variant of Anubias. Extremely limited in supply. Be the first few to own this beauty!
  • Characterized by its long, narrow leaves with marble patterns
  • Ideal choice for low maintenance as it is easy to maintain
  • Helps to construct the effect of tropical rainforests
  • For larger tanks, fantastic aquascape can be easily created by securing the nana to wood & stones
  • Can be planted emersed, as shown by picture above. Just make sure humidity is high to prevent leaves from drying out.
  • Leaf size about 2-3 inches
  • Ideal for low maintenance tanks.
  • Very easy to grow. Does not require high light, CO2 and nutrients.
  • Do not bury the rhizome into the substrate as the root will rot.
  • Family: Araceae
  • Region: Cultivar