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Aponogeton Natans Seed

Aponogeton Natans Seed

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    1 bulb of Aponegeton Natans

    Drop the bulb into your aquarium without burying it, (allow it to just sit on top of your substrate), wait for growth to appear (usually within 1 week) and then push the bulb into the substrate leaving just the top half of the bulb exposed. This is a very easy plant to have! It is also an excellent summer pond plant!

    Note: Plant will be shipped without leaves. Leaves will re-grow in 1 to 2 weeks in the tank .

    We only ship bulbs that have successfully germinated!

  • Name: Aponegeton Natans
  • Origin: Asia
  • Temperature: 68-82 °F
  • PH Level: 5.5-8
  • Light Level: Low to Medium
  • Growth: Fast
  • Overall Difficulty: Very Easy