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Aquarium Driftwood - Realistic Fish Aquarium Driftwood

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  • Natural Bamboo Shelter for Shrimp, Pleco & Fish

    Natural Bamboo Shelter for Shrimp, Pleco & Fish

    Sale Price: $9.99

    List Price: $14.99


1 Product(s)

Like the idea of creating a more naturalistic appearance to your home or office fish tank? If so, you’ve probably already covered the major additions such as aquarium plants, sea sand, and floor-filling pebbles. What you need now are the small touches that really bring the naturalistic elements together, and one perfect addition on that front is aquarium driftwood. Floating at the top of the tank to make it appear as though your tank is a small piece of a lake or ocean captured behind glass, aquarium driftwood is a stylish piece that evokes thoughts of real fresh water or seawater. So browse around, find the driftwood variety that best suits your needs, and let Fish Tank Warehouse help you complete your new fish tank design.