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Calcium Reactor KR 400

Calcium Reactor KR 400

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    Calcium Reactor KR 400

    A reactor to supply dissolved calcium and calcium bicarbonate ions to reef aquaria up to 400 litres (c. 100 gallons)

    The Calciumreactor KR 400 is a sealed system operating at a very low flow rate. The filter can be installed in almost any position, inside or outside the aquarium or the cabinet. To provide the water flow, we recommend our SP 1500 dosing pump. The reactor is filled with Hydrocarbonate - a pure form of calcium carbonate with an extremely low phosphate level. The reactor is already equipped to accept our specific pressurised electrode.

    Dimensions - without electrode (l x w x h): app. 14.4 x 10 x 37 cm (c. 5.8"x 4" x 14.5")

    Recommended accessories: pressure resistant pH probe - short, CO2-set basic, Dosing pump SP 1500, Hydrocarbonate as refill.