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Calcium Reactor KR Bue

Calcium Reactor KR Bue

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    Calcium Reactor KR Bue

    Calciumreactor to supply saltwater aquaria with dissolved Calcium.

    For aquaria from 250 - 1,000 l volume (65 - 260 gal)

    The Calciumreactor KR Blue is a hermetically closed system with an integrated circulation pump and CO2-recycling. It can be mounted in a bypass, independent from the water level in the aquarium or the filter sump. It comes filled with 4 kg Hydrocarbonate. The addition of CO2 lowers the pH value in the Calciumreactor KR Blue and the Hydrocarbonate dissolves. Despite the low flow rate of 1 - 4 l/h (0.25 - 1 gph) high amounts of Calcium and bicarbonate ions are delivered into the aquarium, where it is most beneficial to the aquarium inhabitants. The Calciumreactor KR Blue is supplied with a port for a pH-probe (PG 13.5).

    Recommended accessories:

  • For constant water flow: dosing pump SP 1500.
  • For continuous CO2-supply: CO2-set basic 500 with regulator, bubble counter and CO2-pressure bottle.
  • For automatic control of the CO2-addition: solenoid valve standard, pH Controller and pH-probe with thread PG 13.5.
  • Refill pack Hydrocarbonate and Dolomite for Calcium and Magnesium supply of the aquarium.