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Catappa Indian Almond Leaves

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    Superb for Health, Vitality, and Successful Breeding!

    Scientific Name: Terminalia Catappa Leaves
    Common Name: Indian Almond Leaves, Tropical Almond Leaves, Sweet Almond Leaves, Wild Almond Leaves, Sea Almond Leaves, Catappa Leaves, Java Almond Leaves, Ketapang Leaves. We harvest the leaves from live Catappa trees. Only the best quality leaves are sanitized & sun-baked to produce the highest grade product for your beloved fishes.

    Indian almond leaves have been widely used by Asian breeders of tropical fish (Arowana, betta, discus, etc) to stimulate breeding and promote health and vitality in tropical fish. Other beneficial uses of Indian almond leaves include:
  • Simulate black water condition which is the natural environment for the tropical fish.
  • Enhance fertility of fishes.
  • Contain humic acids and tannins which have anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.
  • Contains chemical that will bind with ammonia in the water.
  • Contains calcium needed to activate the muscles and to develop strong bones, teeth and scales.
  • Enhances the natural color of the fish.
  • Lowers the pH of the water and absorbs harmful chemicals.
  • Adds essential trace elements to the water.
  • Recommended for all fresh water fishes kept in small containers without filters, specially during transportation.
  • Dosage: Put one leaf in a 10 - 15 gallon tank. Discard the leaf after 1 week and replace with a new leaf.
    Simulates the natural water condition which promotes breeding

    > Chemicals in the leaves help to prevent fungus attack and improves the survival rate of fish fry

    > Catappa for Discus breeding

    > Catappa for Arowana breeding