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Echinodorus Amazonicus - Set of 3 Stalks

Echinodorus Amazonicus - Set of 3 Stalks

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    3 stalks of Echinodorus amazonicus

    This beautiful plant is also known as Echinodorus brevipedicellutus. It originates from Brazil and the mid to lower region of the Amazon River basin. It is usually utilised as a centre or focal plant in the aquarium as it gets to be quite large (as do some other Echinodorus species). It can easily grow to 16 inches in height and has light green, linear, lanceolate, and arched leaves which are 3/4 - 11/4 inches wide (2-3 cm). There are three veins extending from the base to the tip of the leaf and two less prominent veins closer to the edges. The first pair of lateral veins come from the central rib, just above the base of the blade. The blade is much longer than the petiole.

    This plant is often confused with Echinodorus bleheri which is the more common of the two plants. This plant does poorly in very hard water. It likes medium bright light, warm water and a medium fine gravel bed. Propagation is by adventitious roots or by runner. It prefers a pH of 6.5-7.2 and a temp. of 74-82 degrees F (24-28 degrees C).

    Like most Echinodorus species, it grows well both submersed and emersed. In nature, these plants are more often bog type plants with the roots submersed and the leaves up above the water. The floral stalk is thin and comes up out of the water. It may have four to nine white flowers forming on the nodes on the stalk. If left in the water, these flowers won't open. Emersed however, they open nicely and can be fertilized with a feather. The pollen is powdery yellow. The seeds take a long time to form and really only look like a dried up crown in the centre of the long dried flower. Plantlets form best along the nodes that are submersed. They may also develop emersed if the humidity is fairly high above the water but these plantlets don't grow roots until the plantlets are submersed. Once roots form on the plantlets, they can be gently wiggled off the runner and planted. Be careful not to break or damage the runner as more plantlets will grow on the same runner in a few months

  • Name: Echinodorus amazonicus
  • Temperature: 20 - 30 °C (68 - 86 °F)
  • pH Level: 6 - 8
  • Light Level: Low - High
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Overall Difficulty: Medium
  • Per Portion size: 3 to 5 leaves
  • Per Leaf size: 8 cm (3.2") height
  • Note: Plant will be shipped with leaves removed, as the leaves will melt off in your tank due to different water parameters. New leaves will grow in 5 days. A healthy stump is firm upon arrival. Gently plant it into the substrate with tweezers and leave it alone.