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Magic Lily Pipe 13mm Outflow

Magic Lily Pipe 13mm Outflow

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Product Details

    This offer includes 1 pc of Magic Lily Pipe 13mm Outflow
  • Produced by the highest level of craftsmanship, the Magic Lily Pipe enhances the natural beauty of your aquarium.
  • Magic Outflow Pipe provides night time or lights-off aeration; creates a small whirlpool which removes the surface film.
  • Magic Outflow Pipes are made for 13mm diameter filter tubing. Compatible with Eheim, Tetra and other filters.
  • Suitable for aquariums above 15 gallons.
  • This auction includes 1 outflow pipe. Diameter for filter tubing:0.52" or 13 mm ( 1" = 2.5 cm)
    Note: Suction cups included.