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Moss Wall Mesh - Set of 3

Moss Wall Mesh - Set of 3

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    3 Moss wall setup pack
  • Moss wall for you? Ever dreamt of covering the entire backdrop of your tank with some beautiful green moss?
  • Here's the solution for you! With this package, you can make your own moss wall in just a few simple steps!
  • Please take your time to read the setup instructions:

  • Aquatic moss is not included.
  • 2 pieces of plastic mesh are required to sandwich the moss together.
  • Cable ties can be used to hold the plastic meshes together. Apply a cut to the mesh such that you can just squeeze the suction cup through it.
  • Package Items
  • QuantityPlastic mesh: 6 pcsCable tie: 30Suction cup: 15Coverage area: 12" x 24" (30 x 60 cm)
    User Guide:

    How to create a Moss Wall A very simple technique can be employed to create a backdrop using aquatic moss for the natural aquarium. The items needed to create the moss wall are commonly available, and the simple steps below will show you how to get it done with a little effort.

    The following are what you would need to create the moss wall:
  • Plastic Mesh
  • Scissors
  • Suction Cups
  • Tying Wire
  • Aquatic Moss The plastic mesh is commonly available in most hardware stores, plant nurseries, and large supermarkets. Its main use is to be mounted on windows to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering the house. In this case, we have a different use for it. The meshes come in different colours and sizes but for our moss wall, we will need one that is about 7mm to 8mm in size and black colour is more appropriate for the backdrop.

    To begin, the mesh is cut to 2 times the size of the tank that you want the moss wall to be in. You will need to fold the mesh in half and stuff the moss in-between. Cut some holes on the perimeter of the mesh so as to stick in the suction cups. For this demonstration, it's for a small 1 ft tank, hence one suction cup is sufficient. If you are making a large wall, you will need to put in more suction cups, especially on the 4 corners and also some suction cups around the centre of the mesh to prevent warping when the mesh is in the tank.

    > Next, you will need a sufficient quantity of moss. Open up the mesh and spread out the moss evenly onto half of the mesh. Try not to leave any space uncovered, else you may have gaps in your moss wall later when the wall has been erected in your tank and the moss starts to grow out.

    Folloing that, fold back the other half of the mesh, and tie up the 2 halves together. I'm using some tying wire here since it's simple and I have it available on hand. You can also use fishing line or nylon thread to tie it up. Do not use any cotton thread since it will disintegrate after a short while in the tank. Remember to insert the suction cups.
    The diagrams above illustrate the final product.

    Going on, insert the mesh against the back panel of your tank. Try to leave as little spacing as possible between the mesh and the glass to prevent small fish from entering and getting stuck inside. One tip to prevent fish from entering the gap is to cut the height of the mesh to be slightly taller such that you can tuck the bottom of the mesh slightly into the substrate, and the top slightly above the highest water line. As for the length, try to measure it accurately so that both sides of the mesh fit closely to both sides of the tank.

    Finally, wait for the moss to grow out of the mesh, and thou shall be rewarded!