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Moss Wall Mesh

Moss Wall Mesh

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Product Details

    1 Moss wall setup pack
  • Moss wall for you? Ever dreamt of covering the entire backdrop of your tank with some beautiful green moss?
  • Here's the solution for you! With this package, you can make own moss wall in just a few simple steps!
  • Please take your time to read the setup instructions: Click here

  • Aquatic moss is not included.
  • 2 pieces of plastic mesh are required to sandwich the moss together.
  • Cable ties can be used to hold the plastic meshes together. Apply a cut to the mesh such that you can just squeeze the suction cup through it.
  • Package Items: Quantity
  • Plastic mesh: 2 pcs
    (each 12" by 8" or 30 by 20 cm)
  • Cable tie: 10
  • Suction cup: 5