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Nitratreductor Filter NR 1000

Nitratreductor Filter NR 1000

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    Nitratreductor Filter

    Denitrification filter for aquariums up to 1,000 litres (c. 250 gallons)

    The Nitratereductor NR 1000 is an anaerobic biological reactor for removing nitrates from marine and freshwater aquaria. It has a 10 l (c. 4.5 gal) volume and an internal circulation pump. The Nitratereductor NR 1000 works with a flow rate of 1 to 4 l/hr (c. 0.25 to 1 gph). The Nitratereductor NR 1000 is a closed unit that can be integrated into filter systems, but may also be installed to stand alone under the aquarium. To monitor this process, it is possible to use a redox potential controller (ORP controller) in conjunction with an electrode inserted in the inbuilt PG13.5 port or the Dosing pump SP 3000 (supplied) can be connected for a fully controlled system.

    Dimensions excluding electrode (l x w x h): app. 17 x 17 x 54 cm (c. 7" x 7" x 22")

    Recommended accessories: Denimar powder and Deniballs to feed the anaerobic bacteria, pressure resistant mV (Redox or ORP) probe with PG 13.5 threaded connection.