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    With its 180 degree design the viewer can watch the aquatic life without be inhibited by the traditional one side viewing window. It is a stylish accent piece to any home or office environment. This freestanding aquarium has a flat back that can be placed up against a wall or be placed in a room as an attractive room divider. It makes a statement with its sleek and unique design with carrying an illusion of a framless aquarium. With this style it gives the viewer an uninhibited observable view while still giving the viewer depth to the aquatic scene. It is a great addition to any environment with its uniquely hand crafted design. It is essentially maintainence free and made of cell cast acrylic which is over ten times stronger and has more superb clarity than glass.

    Product Details:
  • P-180 Panorama
  • Semi Circular AqauCustom Aquarium
  • 23 " x 12 " x 56 " H
  • 22 Gallon Style

    Product Includes:
  • 1 Header Unit
  • 1 Base Unit
  • 1 Clear Acrylic Tank
  • 1 Set of Artificial Plant Decorations
  • 1 Air Pump with Airlin Tubing
  • 1 Header Cap with Fluorescent Light Fixture
  • 1 Undergravel Filter
  • 1 Outside Power Filter

  • Deluxe Decor

Additional Information

# of Gallons 20 to 55 Gallons
Aquarium Material Acrylic
Aquarium Shape Other Shapes