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Shirakura Micro-Organism & Mineral

Shirakura Micro-Organism & Mineral

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Product Details

    1 Shirakura Mineral Powder & 1 Micro-organism Powder

    Sufficient mineral and micro organism in water will lead to healthy, beautiful coloration and higher breeding rate of shrimps.
  • Name: Shirakura Mineral Powder
  • Weight : 10g (0.35 oz) Mineral Powder
  • Benefits: - Mineral Rock Powder contains very high concentration of trace elements, that is 4% by weight and around 70 different trace minerals have been identified making it very suitable for re-mineralizing your tank.

  • Humic acid creates a water condition that is close to that of a natural river. Induces higher breeding rate.

  • Astaxanthin improves the coloration of shrimps, especially for shrimps which have good genes but without good coloration.

  • Improves activities of Shrimps, Bacteria, and Microorganisms and even plants because of the concentration of trace elements in it.

  • Calcium prevents pH of the tank from getting too acidic.

  • Mineral and Vitamin - Improves activities of Shrimps, Bacteria, and Microorganisms and plants
  • Suitable for : Algae-eating shrimps. crystal red shrimps, red bee shrimps. Neocardinal species like cherry shrimps and neon green.
  • Storage: Store them in cool and low humidity places. No expiry date.
  • Dosage: For every 50 liters or 14 gallons of water, the first 2 - 3 days sprinkle one spoon. Monitor the pH and add a small pinch every day.
  • Name: Shirakura Micro-organism
  • Weight: 22g (0.75 oz)
  • Storage: Store them in cool and low humidity places. Storage duration is one year after opening package.
  • Benefits: -Microorganisms will hatch and grow from this yellow powder. Microorganisms are very important in shrimp tanks, as baby shrimps are eating mostly this.

  • This product is critical for healthy baby shrimps as it provides food for the babies and reduces their death rate.

  • The microorganisms will help to resolve organic contaminants on the gravel and keep the gravel clean.

  • A few weeks after you start adding this, you may feel that the clarity of water is improved, and moss grow well, and color of shrimps may be improved with better water condition.

  • Baby shrimps will have a higher chance to survive from eating this. The bacteria and microorganisms consume the waste of shrimps, so you do not need to do water changes as often. Effect of source of microorganisms was proven by Hokkaido University.
  • Dosage: 2 feet tank 1 flat spoon everyday. 3 feet tank 1 full spoon everyday
    Note: One plastic tea spoon Included