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Shirakura Mineral Powder

Shirakura Mineral Powder

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Product Details

    1 Mineral Powder
    We recommend to use this product:
  • during tank setup
  • dose it regular into your tank water column

    Sufficient minerals in water will give colors to shrimps (especially for specimens, which have good gene, but without good coloration)
  • Name: Shirakura Mineral Powder
    (Note: 1 plastic teaspoon included)
  • Weight: 10g (0.35oz)
  • Origin: Japan
  • Suitable for: Algae-eating shrimps. crystal red shrimps, red bee shrimps. Neocardinal species like cherry shrimps and neon green
  • Storage: Store them in cool and low humidity place. No expiry date
  • Dosage: For every 50 liters or 14 gallons of water, the first 2-3days sprinkle five spoon. Monitor the pH and add small pinch every day.

  • Oceanography students of Tokai University have been researching this as the theme of graduation thesis that could make brighter coloured shrimp.

  • Designed especially for shrimp tank. They are products of years of shrimp-breeding experience. Shirakura CRS Mineral Powder is designed to enhance the color of crystal red shrimp, red bee shrimps and other algae eater shrimp.

  • Use of Mineral Rock Powder is very popular in Japan, and almost all professional shrimp breeders use them.


  • Mineral Rock Powder contains very high portion of trace elements. Around 70 different trace minerals have been identified making it very suitable for re-mineralizing your tank.

  • Humic acid creates a water condition that is close to that of a natural river. Induces higher breeding rate.

  • Astaxanthin improves the coloration of shrimps, especially for shrimps which have good genes but without good coloration.

  • Improves activity of Shrimp, Bacteria, and Micro-organism and even plants because of the concentration of trace elements in it.

  • Calcium prevents pH of the tank from getting too acidic.

  • Mineral and Vitamin - Improves activities of Shrimps, Bacteria, and Micro-organism and plants


    It depends on how many shrimps you have or your pH level. For every 50 liters or 14 gallons of water, the first 2 - 3 days sprinkle one spoon (which comes with bag). If your pH level is already high, or becomes around pH 7 after you put this product, you can put a small pinch everyday or every other day. After that check the pH sometimes, then if pH is low you can add a little more, if pH is high add less.

    To grow shrimp pH level is very important, if pH level goes down, the water becomes too soft and it causes the tank to collapse. The mineral of the powder promotes the generation of the micro-organism and bacteria. The effect of color might change better soon from bacteria and shrimps that are activated by mineral, or color change slowly from eating this as food.

    Start feeding when they are at baby stage, makes color cells develop. Then, the shrimp will have bright color in the future. Shrimp skin made of calcium carbonate which is the main ingredient of mineral powder, so shrimp skin becomes thick and bright colored.