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Shirakura Yellow Micro Organism Powder

Shirakura Yellow Micro Organism Powder

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Product Details

    1 Micro-organism Powder

  • Micro-organisms will hatch and grow from this yellow powder. Micro-organisms are very important in shrimp tank, as baby shrimps are eating mostly this.

  • This product is critical for healthy baby shrimps as it provides food for the babies and reduce their death rate.

  • The micro-organisms will help to resolve organic contaminants on the gravel and keep the gravel clean.

  • A few weeks after you start adding this, you may feel that the clarity of water and color of shrimps have improved.

  • Many users continue to support this product since it was first introduced 10 years ago in Japan. It is currently the best-selling micro-organism for shrimps in the market.
    Microscope picture of micro-organism on the gravel.
    Number counted with microscope was,

    100~1200 without Micro-organism Base.

    10000~15000 with Micro-organism Base.

  • Studies by Hokkaido University, Japan has proven that baby shrimps have better chances of survival by feeding on the micro-organism. Besides, the micro-organism consumes the waste of shrimp, so you can save time with less water-changes.

    Clean water and micro-organism are critical for shrimp's health and beauty.

  • Name: Shirakura Micro-organism
    (Note: 1 plastic teaspoon included)
  • Weight: 22g (0.75 oz)
  • Origin: Japan
  • Suitable for: Algae eating shrimps. crystal red shrimps, red bee shrimps. Neocardinal species like cherry shrimps and neon green.
  • Storage: Store them in cool and low humidity place. Storage duration is one year after opening package.
  • Description: 2 feet tank 1 flat spoon everyday.

    3 feet tank 1 full spoon everyday