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Sponge Filter Guards

Sponge Filter Guards

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    This offer includes 2 pcs of Sponge Filter Guard
  • Protect your filter, fish & shrimps by attaching these special sponges around the connector.
  • If you are too busy to clean the filter frequently, the filter might get clogged and cause overheating to the motor. In some cases, the motor can be burnt.
  • Larger particles will get trapped before entering the filter.
  • Reduce the frequency of cleaning the filter.
  • Easy to wash. Just remove the sponge and clean it under running water.
  • Protect small fishes from being sucked into the filter to become fish pulp.
  • Protect small shrimps from being sucked into the filter to become shrimp paste.
  • Compatible with standard filter connecters of about 0.5" diameter.
  • Reusable